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What is Depression?

Depression is a clinical syndrome characterized by Low energy, Low Mood, and Less Interest. At least any of the above two must be present to diagnose depression. It usually impairs day-today functions. And also it is more common in middle-aged females. The number of episodes may vary in each person. It may be Single episode, recurrent or may also be persistent depressive disorder.


Why teenagers are more commonly playing victim nowadays ?

The most common perspective of parents and elderly people is that no problem occurs around teenage and they consider this as a the most enjoyable period of the life. That is they believe that there may not be any problems for the school going and college going students on the overall view. But nowadays the most targeted age group of people going into depression is the teenage group. One of the reasons for the depression among teenagers is body-shaming ( Body Image Issues ). The critical thing in this issue is that, people do not open out about this even to the immediate surroundings.

Recent days, after immense technological development, the urge for everything has begun. The quality of being with patience is quietly fading away. Depression also results from various other reasons – immature to handle oneself and the situation, lack of communication, lack of belief in the immediate surroundings, lack of opportunities to open up, the quality of people around oneself, the circumstances under which the child is brought up, betrayal, inability to standby in the same position, lots of negativities in day to day activities, lack of love and so on.

Role of Parents in Children’s depression :

Parenting is an art. It is weird to say but many children nowadays are more aware of parenting and many parents cannot take care of their relationships or even themselves. Many adults including parents are easily breakable by certain instances that take place in life and children are Vice – Versa. This is just to mention that parents who are not aware of themselves and their surroundings mostly fail in parenting. Children of those parents who are immature fall prey to Depression. And one more thing to mention is maturity nowadays is no more related to age. it depends absolutely on one’s surroundings where they grow up.

Many people as of becoming strict parents to control their children, fail to give enough space to their children. Consequently, the children themselves are restricted from saying things to the parents. Such children after some time, even stop sharing things with their friends because of insecurities that develop silently within them. And as time passes, they become ultimately silent and also broken. But some among the teenagers instead of becoming silent, may seek comfort from the third person and this is where the teenagers fall into relationships that are not actually true or healthy. Unavoidably they themselves break the relationship and think themselves unworthy or self-harm themselves by various thoughts.

Parents nowadays after becoming rich, think that children need privacy and they allocate a separate room for their children even before they get mentally mature to handle the situations. This is where the problems starts. Post COVID, we people got addicted to the mobile phones and gadgets to the extent, that we do not know if the survival is possible without mobile phones. The children who were fed with the mobile phone gadgets during COVID, now do not allow their mobile phones to be checked. This is because some children fall into the wrong path and some into addiction that they do not even allow the parents to touch the phone. The world has become ultimately selfish, that the parents just give the children gadgets for not to disturb their routine even if they could allot time for family. This kind of surroundings will always be unhealthy for a child to develop good mental health.

And most importantly, the desire of many parents to bring up their child to the level of an extraordinary child develops depression in the entire family. This starts with the comparison of their children with each other. Then comes the blaming part of the parents for their children. The problems developing around a child must be well analyzed by the parents before blaming anyone for the problem. This is the major part where many fail to concentrate. On the busy schedule and work pressure, parents on the whole just on a flow ask them to remain silent and to part themselves from the problems. This is either because the parents never believe their children or else just pamper them to the core.

The second type is a more dangerous thing. In this, the children are pampered to the level that if a loss or failure comes they do not know how to overcome the failure. They fail to boost their self-confidence. They fail to stand up for themselves. They get easily broken and easily offended. They even do not know that there is a thing called failure. This is more common among the well-developed family or rich people. The art of denial for certain things by the parents is ultimately decreasing. And when children face “NO” or “Rejections” in anything like Studies, Careers, Friendships, Competitions, Relationships or from family, they do not know how to accept it positively. Forcing children in which they have zero interest is another reason for depression among teenagers. Supporting children for things more than their ability also leads to depression.

What a parent must do to prevent children from depression?

The only thing is to spend quality time with their children. Prioritize your children rather than your career. Feel for the comfortness your child is having with you when he/she is sharing things with you. Do not be judgmental of the things being shared. Ask for a reason when he/she is silent. Monitor the day-to-day activities of your children. Depression doesn’t develop all of a sudden. It is a slow-growing process. It develops as a compilation of all the circumstances that the child has come across right from their birth. So parents must have the responsibility of not fighting in front of their children. This is because this is the first and foremost thing a child will experience as the entire world. If this happens, they start developing a negative perspective about the world in the minds of the children. And it changes their vision towards the world.

Do not give your children mobile phones unless or until they become mature enough to handle their problems by themselves without being broken. This is because it not only affects your children but also the people on the other side. Keep an eye on your children’s gadgets. Make sure you check it at once and let them know that you are concerned about their discipline. Do not force a habit on your children, rather make them follow it in your footsteps. Because a habit develops mostly by observation in the children. Decrease your screen time in front of your children. Never forget to appreciate the work done by them. And also make sure that they never get offended when their mistakes are mentioned.

Concentrate more upon their ability rather than loading your dreams over them. When problems are said make sure that you give enough time for them to speak. Do not interrupt in between unless they complete. Do not make them shun the things that cause mental illness rather teach them how to overcome it with courage. Allow them to make decisions once in a while. Avoid pampering or hatred all the time. That is do not go for two extremes. Allow them to cry if needed. Normalize male children crying out of mental illness. Know your children’s friends circle and their background on the whole. Avoid comparing your children with the other children. Train them to appreciate the good things in others and also do not forget to mention that their time will come ahead. Train them the art of patience and teach them about sharing limits with other people. Parenting is just not about taking children to malls or theatres or beach or etc. It is about spending quality time together for your children to share things. Allow them to speak a lot. Be a good listener. Know them by their words. Drag them to the path that is good for them without creating many changes in their lifestyle. Gradually make the move.

Do not allow your children to be alone. Children in the starting stage of depression cannot be identified unless or otherwise, they open up. Do not give space for their negative thoughts. And if you identify, that your children is in depression, do not wait to consult with the psychiatrist. Make sure your children receive adequate Psychotherapy or Drug therapy. Update your children’s status with your psychiatrist.

Role of children to prevent depression :

Children must communicate every happening in their lives to their parents. There arises a time when parents would say, “Communicate things with your friends that you cannot do with us”; Until that time it is necessary and mandatory to share everything with your parents. When you feel alone do not hesitate to open up with your parents or guardians.

Symptoms of Depression :

People with depression will have low energy, low mood, Less interest in previously pleasurable activities, Guilty feelings – Blaming themselves for which they are not responsible, Lack of sleep – Early morning awakening, Decreased concentration, Decreased appetite, weight loss sometimes vice versa takes place and also Suicidal thoughts. Adults of today might be aware of the changes in themselves when going for depression. But children will not be aware much about this. And to prevent the children from falling prey to depression, try to have complete history of their surroundings.

Factors contributing to depression :

Innumerable factors lead to depression. They are Hopelessness, helplessness, Worthlessness, loss of Loved ones, Anger turned towards oneself, inability to decide, blaming oneself, relationship issues, Financial issues, Unemployment, and loneliness.

Treatment :

Consult the psychiatrist as soon as possible for psychotherapy or drug therapy.

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